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High quality 100% natural Ecuadorian Roses
Perfect for Wife or Girlfriend

Freedom 100 Long Stem Roses $125.00
Freedom 50 Long Stem Roses $70.00
Freedom 25 Long Stem Roses $60.00
Playa Blanca $65.88
Tibet $64.71
Akito $60.05
Light Pink $61.22$64.71
Cream $64.71
Deep Purple Lavander $61.22
Dark Red-Black Magic $82.19
Yellow $61.22
Escimo $61.22$67.04
Shara $61.22
Peach $58.89$61.22
Orange $59.47
Mondial $64.71$70.54
Hot Pink $64.71$67.04
Dark Red $64.71$76.36
Bicolor Pink $55.39$58.89

Flower Delivery Services

A flower bouquet or a single flower hold power to brighten up anyone’s day. Flowers look and smell good and can make you feel happy. The act of gifting a flower or flower bouquets is loved by many individuals. You can use large flower arrangements for events or gift them to your loved ones on any occasions like anniversary, birthday, and achievements or randomly to show appreciation. Flowers indicate love and respect and are not gender specified. If you’re looking to surprise a loved one and want to make them burst with happiness, you can order flowers through flower delivery services and make their day special. The joy of receiving flowers is unexplainable, especially for nature-lovers.

You can use Eximus Imports to find the best quality flowers with guaranteed freshness. We have the widest range of flowers, and we guarantee customer satisfaction and happiness. Our delivery services are punctual and can reach your loved ones on time.

Roses Flower Delivery

We all know that the language of flowers is universal. Roses are known to deliver love, friendship, care and support. Roses are the most dignified and loving kind of flowers. Roses are mainly used for a romantic proposal or to tell someone how much you love them but roses can also be given to showcase your affection and respect to anyone. If you know want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, nothing emphasizes “Love” than gifting a bouquet of roses. If you don’t have time to run to your nearest florist, you can always go for Roses flower delivery from eximus imports. They have a huge variety of roses with different sizes, colors and smell that you can choose from. They only use fresh flowers for delivery. You can brighten the day of anyone by sending them a bunch of roses, and we guarantee that this will put a wide smile on their faces.

Wedding Roses Bouquet

Brides carry wedding Roses bouquets on their wedding day to signify happiness and love. There are various cultures and traditions that symbolize wedding bouquets differently. If you’re looking for large flower arrangements for your wedding event, you can order from eximus import. We guarantee fresh flower delivery, and we can cater to any amount of flowers you want. We make customized wedding bouquets for brides. Many brides also use a combination of different flowers with roses. We can help you choose from a variety of flowers as well as options of roses. Everybody wants their wedding to be unique and we can help you make it beautiful with our range of elegant and delicate flowers.

Wedding Flowers Florida

Flowers can set the tone for your memorable day. If you’re planning to get married in Florida, you need to consider the extreme weather before deciding on your flower selection and display. Many flowers are not well-suited for the heat of Florida but here are three- flowers you can surely use as your wedding flowers:




They have the tendency to withstand heat, and they resemble a poppy flower when they open beautifully. These come in a variety of colors, you can find them on eximus imports. Tulips are a wonderful flower that symbolizes love. They open beautifully when warm to look like a poppy.




This family of flowers is the most suitable for Florida’s weather. They are tropical flowers which can be out of water for a long time and they do not dehydrate. They can last the whole day of your event. Eximus Imports offers large flower arrangements for your event with the promise of fresh flower delivery.




If you’re planning a garden-style wedding, roses are the best choice for your flower arrangements. They look beautiful and sophisticated as well as giving the hint of romance to your event. Eximus Import deals in providing you with the best variety of roses that are guaranteed to be fresh.


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