Wholesale flower shop

The floral industry has grown rapidly over time, and it is now a global industry. The business of importing and exporting flowers in the U.S has massively increased. Eximus Imports deals as a wholesale flower shop that has a variety of flowers with different sizes and colors. We deal in selling wholesale flowers to various florists across the United States.

If you’re looking forwholesale florist supply in Florida, Eximus Imports is your one-stop-shop for all your needs. If you’re working with an event planner or a flower planner, we can get you flowers custom-made and provided at wholesale rates. We understand that flowers have a limited shelf-life and are delicate which is why we know that they need to be shipped carefully and quickly. It is important that while flowers are being transported, their natural essence should not be affected. We receive refrigerated containers for shipping flowers and we as wholesalers, repack them before their final delivery to retail florists. We can also directly ship a huge amount of flowers to your wedding or any event venue.

Eximus Imports believes in retaining the quality of flowers as well as providing you with many options of different sizes, kinds, and colors of flowers.

Wholesale Flowers Florida

If you are a new florist and you want a dealer of wholesale flowers in Florida, Eximus Imports can be your partner. You need to be careful while choosing a wholesale flower dealer as you want the best and freshest flowers for your event. Flowers are fragile and need to be taken utmost care of, which is why you need to be cautious while taking care of them. Eximus imports send you flowers that are perfectly repacked and can help you in taking care of them.

Many wedding and event planners across Florida use Eximus Imports, which is a wholesale florist supply in Florida. We cater to all your floral needs and guarantee you the best quality of flowers. We make sure that the flowers we import reach any quality deficit. We also make sure that before we send out our flower supply to you, we repack the flowers to reach you in their best form. Eximus Imports guarantee the quality of flowers, and we offer you all kinds, sizes, and colors of flowers.

Eximus imports can also take large orders for events or florist shops; we aim to provide you with the best flowers and in the most hassle-free way with guaranteed excellent quality and freshness.

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