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Wedding Event Planners

If you’re a wedding event planner about to plan a wedding event, you would want to make this event one of the most memorable days of your client’s life. Planning a wedding can be a difficult task as there is a lot you would need to manage and plan. However, if you are a wedding event planner, it would help if you chose Eximus Imports for your floral deliveries.


As a wedding event planner, you will be in charge of finding the perfect location, invitations, floral decorations, menu for the event, as well as hiring the photographer, and cater to every requirement in between. If you are a wedding event planner, you can use Eximus Imports to deliver you with the best quality of flowers. Weddings should be fun and an event that gives your clients memories for their lifetime.

Event Planner Services

You can choose flowers from Eximus Imports to get the best and freshest quality of your preferred flowers. As an event planner or event planning service, you need to take care of every single detail from the colors to kinds, and even sizes of flowers. Eximus Imports has a large variety for you to choose from, making your next event planning less of a hassle.

Wedding Planner in Florida

Florida is known as the Sunshine State and has a lot of people flying over for their wedding ceremonies. Many people in the USA choose to have a destination wedding which allows the couple, their friends, and family to get away and enjoy the event as well as get a vacation. If you are a wedding planner in Florida, you would have to keep in mind the weather conditions of Florida. The weather is warmer, yet it also has rainy season. You can select and buy flowers from eximus imports that can be sustained in the weather of Florida.

Flower Planner

While planning a wedding, certain things are a “must,” which includes a perfect floral decor. There is no wedding without the use of flowers. If you are a Flower planner, you can get the best flowers and flower deals through Eximus Imports, who provide you with a vast range of options to choose from.


We have access to flowers of all kinds, colors, and sizes. We can help you arrange your venue with floral decor as per your wedding theme or preferences. We have a variety of roses and various flowers that you can use for your bridal bouquet or corsets for your bridesmaids. Our flower planners can make a unique combination of flowers that can be used in centerpieces of your guest tables.

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